Earth Overshoot Day


Thursday, July 28, 2022, is the day of the overshoot, that is the day when humanity has consumed all the resources that the Earth is capable of producing in one year, and this, in only a few months. Humanity is now in the red for the next 4 months, but also for all the other years to come, because of the relentless overconsumption. Humans, by their actions, are endangering the earth’s biodiversity. The ecological debt is growing and it is high time to realize that our economic system is not sustainable. We must realize the debt we will owe to future generations for the environmental damage we will leave them.

The year 2022 is particularly significant because of the various impacts of climate change around the world: fires burning thousands of hectares in a few days across Europe, heat waves in India and Pakistan with temperatures of over 45 degrees, intense droughts in most regions of France, heavy flooding in the United Arab Emirates and the United States, tornadoes and intense rainfall in Quebec in recent days, but also temperature disturbances around the world. All these natural disasters are only increasing in intensity over time, which is why it is necessary for governments to act in the short term to change their vision of the world.

It is time to change, to change our consumption model, to change our way of life for a better, more sustainable and more equitable future. It is necessary that Quebecers mobilize to change the future of the province and the Earth. To do so, we need to get involved with a political party that is truly interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting our natural environment and that wishes to transition our consumption patterns towards eco-responsible consumption to protect the future of future generations.

This is why the Green Party of Quebec encourages you to get involved in politics to make a difference in the Quebec public debate, to be a true spokesperson for the protection of the environment and to bring about a policy change by changing the status quo.

If you wish to seize this opportunity, the Green Party of Quebec invites you to follow this link: 


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