The Green Party of Quebec officially launches its 10th general campaign!


The Green Party of Quebec has officially launched its 2022 election campaign for this fall’s provincial election. The GPQ is ready to take its demands and ideas to every corner of the province with its team of dedicated and diverse candidates. The Green Party of Quebec is committed to transforming Quebec into a more inclusive, equitable, just, and green society to provide future generations with a truly sustainable future, with a vision in which no one is left behind and in which respect for the environment is at the forefront of government policy. The party is more ready than ever to take more space in the public debate and to contribute to building the Quebec of tomorrow.

Surrounded by his team and some of his candidates, Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell officially launched the Green Party campaign during a speech in Verdun, in front of the GPQ offices. “It is with great pride and honour that we are here today to launch the 2022 election campaign of the Green Party of Quebec. I am so pleased to be here with our team of dynamic candidates who are ready to bring the kind of positive change that Quebecers from all walks of life are looking for. I am proud of this team of hard-working people who are dedicating their time, energy and skills to advocating for a better world, a more sustainable environment and for social justice,” said Alex Tyrrell, during his speech.

This day also marked a historic moment for the party representatives, as it was the launch of the 10th general campaign of the Green Party of Quebec. For almost 40 years, progressive citizens have been coming together under the party’s banner during election periods to advocate for change, to challenge the status quo and to offer Quebecers a progressive alternative to the main political parties.

In this campaign, the Party will put forward a bold policy package that covers all aspects of Quebec politics, from the environment to the economy, from health care to education, from democracy to justice. “Our platform, The New Green Plan, is the most complete, detailed and well-defined policy document we have ever presented. This eco-socialist platform combined with our dedicated and growing team of candidates is by far the most progressive option on the ballot in this election. It is an honour to be able to work with so many great people to build a better future,” said GPQ Leader Alex Tyrrell.


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